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Partner Feature: Geoffrey's Story

Today, I have the honor of sharing Geoffrey's story with all of you. I've known Geoffrey for many years now, and he is actually one of the people who inspired the existence of Elephante Commons.

I hope that when you hear his story, you will see how much of an inspiration he is to those around him. I love this video, but it barely captures how wonderful he is, and how much peace and healing he brings to others.

I know personally what it feels like to be encouraged by Geoffrey. In hard times he makes you feel like you have what it takes to keep going, and in great times he is one of the best people to celebrate with.

I hope you can understand even better why Elephante is supporting common heroes like Geoffrey, and I wouldn't blame you if you got a little jealous that I get to work with people like him every day. (Come join us!)

How you can help

Share Geoffrey's video with the world!

Geoffrey wants to tell his story, and he hopes people find inspiration and healing from it! There's a reason his nickname is "Message." By sharing his story you're helping him achieve one of his missions!

Donate $20 to the project

We want to build an all weather dance studio for them to use any time they need. A one time construction cost is all we need to raise, and we will be able to host classes for up to 40 people for years to come! Geoffrey isn't the only dance teacher in Gulu looking to share their skills with their community, but no one has a space ready to do it...until we can build one.

We need 500 people to give $20 to help us build a dance and yoga studio for Geoffrey and his friends! We need your help with the donations, and we need your help getting the word out! Will you share this video and the link to donate?

We also want to share a huge shoutout to Austin Shaw to making this video for us! What an amazing job he did!



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