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Kids Can Change The World Too

If you asked us a year ago if we thought this 14-year-old girl from Portland would be able to do what she did, we would never have believed it. Now we are celebrating the fact that Katelyn has raised $19,000 USD so we can build a library at Elephante Commons!

We're not the only ones who think this is a big deal! Check out her news feature in Portland!

When Katelyn first reached out to us, it was for a school project. The plan was for her to collect books, board games, and puzzles. Then she asked if there we needed money for anything, and we talked about how great it would be to build a library. She said she would try her best...which turned out to be more than enough!

Katelyn went above and beyond her school project. She set up her own fundraiser, she went to family, friends, and businesses, and she even designed her own line of Elephante branded clothing!!

When it came time for her presentation, Katelyn had raised $5,000 and collected hundreds of games, books, and puzzles! She was ready to represent us to the world, and she did an amazing job of it! We loved every minute of her presentation!


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