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Join the herd
of monthly givers

*Examples of what our monthly donations are used for

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Can buy one chair which can add hosting capacity for 150 more people every month!

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Can cover 100% of our water, power, and generator fuel expenses for our entire center.



Can feed one child who lives on the street two meals a day every day for a month!

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Can build a protected spring well to provide clean water for 5,000+ people for 10+ years!

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Can pay a full time salary for one staff member which often supports 5-10 family members!

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Can renovate an office space for a new partner to use (for free) to kickstart their project.

Monthly donors are everything to us!  They ensure we can fund more projects and partners, plan for the future with stability, continue to grow at our ideal pace.  Our monthly donors are the reason we can focus on our mission instead of on fundraising!


Featured fundraiser:

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Help us build a dance and yoga studio so Geoffrey can help others heal from trauma through movement.

Donate to a project

Know exactly where your money is going and get  video updates  of the work!



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run a fundraiser

Anthony ran a social media campaign

He shared multiple social media updates and photos, including personal reasons why he supports Elephante.

Elizabeth dedicated her birthday

Instead of gifts, Elizabeth asked friends and family to donate to Elephante and shared our story.

Dania hosted a fundraiser dinner

Dania invited friends and family to her home where they got to learn about our work and take a virtual reality tour of Elephante!

Cindy organized a huge garage sale

Reselling her own items and receiving donations from others, she made it a huge event and donated all the cash to us.

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Commons International

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Seabrook, TX

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Donate once

We love one time donations!  It feels like a surprise Christmas!

(who doesn't love that!?)

Frequently asked questions

Is my donation tax-deductible?

In Uganda, yes!  In the US, yes!  In other countries, not yet.  The donation link on this website goes to our stateside 501(c)3. Donations in Uganda will need to be made in person.

How do you fundraise on behalf of partners?

If we are fundraising on behalf of a partner it means we have pre-approved them to receive grant funding from our US based 501(c)3.  If there is a donate link directly on our website, this is the case.  We do link to our partners websites who have separate donation links which are not handled through Elephante.

What's your preferred method of donation?

Short answer; we LOVE every donation we get!  But our biggest need is for monthly donors, because we rely on them to be able to plan for the future and make promises to our partners.

How can I mail a donation?

This is easy, and there are no fees this way!  Make your check out to Commons International and mail it to: 2617 Cypress Court, Seabrook TX 77586.

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