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common heroes for the common good



we work with

When you get to know our partners you will understand why we love what we do! Elephante exists to support leaders in Northern Uganda, and we get to work with these amazing heroes every day.  Don't be jealous, come join us!

With the sole mission of getting affordable, clean drinking water into the homes of everyone in Gulu, Elevate Water is a self-sustaining business selling clean drinking water in reusable bottles.  You can order your water from Elephante anytime!

The Elevate Team is also spearheading a project building protected spring wells in the vulnerable areas of Gulu City, providing clean drinking water to thousands of people.

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elevate water

Elevate Water

hashtag gulu

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“Street kids” (or more considerately called kids who live and work on the street) are stigmatized by many in the community as violent criminals. But not by Hashtag Gulu.

This group of young volunteers values these kids and wants to see them reach their highest potential. At Elephante, they have created a hub for mentorship, life skills, and vocational training with the end goal being to integrate them into society.

Hashtag Gulu

Kijani forestry

The deforestation rates in East Africa are absolutely devastating, but thankfully Kijani Forestry is spearheading an innovative idea to help!  Since most of the trees are being cut down for charcoal production, Kijani is working with thousands of rural farmers to farm fast growing charcoal trees!


This model will give the indigenous forest a relief, provide the local farmers a 10x income increase, and the new trees will help to slow rate of climate change in East Africa.  Great work guys!

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Kijani Forestry

takataka plastics


Did you know that 91% of the world’s plastic is NOT recycled?  Takataka is very aware of this issue and they are doing something about it!  They are developing technology that is safely processing plastic waste in areas where waste is currently being burned or littered.  You can buy recycled products like wall tiles or chairs from this!

And to top it off, they are able to employ marginalized people groups, creating opportunities for healing for trauma survivors

TakaTaka Plastics

mtindo designs

Although tailoring is a common trade here, no one excels at it quite like Susan at Mtindo. She always challenges the norms and looks for new ways to innovate her field.

She could have let her success stop there (as the best tailor in Gulu), but instead she is sharing her advanced skills so others can benefit too. We are selling her items at the Elephante Craft Shop.  100% of the sales goes back to the tailoring school.

IMG_2453-min 2_edited.png
Mtindo Designs

loremi tours

Gloria founded Loremi with a heart to share her Acholi roots with the world.  Her tour company offers custom packages that will take you across East Africa, but her passion for creating extra special experiences in Acholiland remains the heart and soul of Loremi.


Through these local cultural experiences, she is creating a new kind of sustain-tourism that is creating livelihoods for her community while celebrating and honoring the culture they all come from.

Loremi Tours

HAVEN for humanity

The Acholi people are tough, but sometimes life is tougher and everyone needs a little help every now and then.  HHu exists for those hard times.

Gladies has seen the needs of her community and she is stepping up to do something about it.  HHu meets immediate needs like medical care, home repairs, and small business loans.  It is paired with business trainings and holistic trauma support, designed to forever break the cycle of poverty for the women they serve.

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Haven For Humanity


While most of the urban population is moving away from farming, Deo, founder of Agamega Agro Enterprise, is innovating it and dare we say, making it trendy again.

Deo is pursuing crops others shy away from, like oyster mushrooms, and he is sharing his experience and knowledge with other members of the community so they can also create their own successful farm.  Deo isn't afraid to think big and we know farming in Uganda will be carried further with him around.

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living stones

Living Stones Community Church meets at Elephante every Sunday at 9:00 am in our Pearl Theater.  We love hearing our whole building echoing with their beautiful worship music.

Anyone is welcome to join the service, no matter where you are at in your life - rich or poor, educated or not, Acholi or not.  Services are taught in Luo and English.  All are most welcome!

Living Stones Church

INK Liners is a space for creatives to share their art with the world.  Hosting events on a regular basis, you will see a wide variety of performances from spoken word poetry, to dances, to music, and there's always a few surprises too!

You can see when the next INK Liners event will be here!

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ink liners

Ink Liners

anyadwe foods

Piloya "Anyadwe" is what you look for when you want to see a female entrepreneur role model.  She is a go-getter, problem solver, and when she gets stuck on something like branding, she just goes ahead and teaches herself graphics and web design.

But her greatest strength is her compassion for her community, and she is sharing her success with the female farmers she works.  It is for that reason (and her delicious coffee) we love partnering with Anyadwe Foods!

Anyadwe Foods

lumi solar

Lumi Solar Uganda
Partner Logos.png

Lumi Solar was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to a reliable power supply.  As solar technology is working towards being more affordable for everyone, Lumi is at the front of the line for the best quality products at the best prices.

Their customer service is unparalleled and their generosity with their success is one of the things we love the most about working with them!  That and hearing David's laugh echo through the office!


Pangea believes education starts with literacy, and literacy starts in the home.  They are a multifaceted organization bringing books direct to kids and their parents on a weekly basis to empower families reading together.

They also publish their own collection of children's books based on Ugandan folklore.  Using local artists who bring these stories to life in both English and local languages.

QMN_9491 2.png
Lumi Solar

watwero dance

geoffrey dance video image_edited.jpg

To this dance crew, it isn't just about spinning around, it is about opening the doors to community and healing from trauma.  As they have found their own way out of pain through the art of dance, they have dedicated their lives to sharing that with others.

We had the honor of hearing Geoffrey's story and sharing it all with you.  We know you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Watwero Dance Company

house to house

House to house is a partner organization that is offering their services to our other partners.  They have a small group Bible study model that makes the gospel accessible to everyone outside of the church.

For any of our partners who want it, House to House will integrate their model into our partner's program, like leading staff Bible studies just like the one for the Elephante team!

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House to House

Dan's Meat

It used to be hard to find high quality meat readily available here.  Not anymore!  Dan's Meat is selling a huge variety of frozen meat, including specialties like bacon, right here at Elephante Cafe.  Just come tell the cashier what you want and you're ready to go!

Not only is this a great service available in Gulu now, but ALL of the profits from Dan's Meat goes towards supporting the education-based nonprofit called Read for Life.  So you can enjoy your meat and know you're supporting a good cause!

Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 5.32.19 PM.png
Partner Logos.png
Dan's Meat

scratch upcycling

What might be rubbish to you could be opportunity to Ronald at Scratch Upcycling!  He is taking cast off materials like glass bottles and turning them into drinking glasses, among other things.

Working with his sister, Monica (who you might know from Elephante Cafe), they are creating beautiful crafts like handmade macrame.  You can find premade items for sale at our craft shop or you can order custom items from Ronald and Monica directly!

Scratch Upcycling
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