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We believe bringing people together is critical to a community's progress and thriving and we know first hand how hard it is to find a space to do that in Gulu.  Which is why we have designed several multipurpose spaces to host a wide variety of gatherings just for you, Gulu.

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You're Invited!

Here are a few upcoming events at Elephante and you're invited to join us!

You're Invited
No upcoming events at the moment

*Purchasing a ticket online will come with a small service fee.  If you would like to avoid that fee you can purchase your ticket in person at Elephante (cash only).  You can only reserve your spot once full payment is made.

I don't see the event i'm looking for!

A lot of events at Elephante aren't advertised to the public.  If you have questions about an event you don't see here, you can either ask the host, or call Elephante at 0783115811.

Host your next event at Elephante

  • Classes, Trainings & Workshops

  • Meetings

  • Concerts & performances

  • Private parties

  • Community activities

  • Family gatherings

We love hosting private events, and we specialize in events with the mission of lifting up the community, whether that is through innovation, art, connection, or growth, we are all about it!  If your event shares our mission for the common good of Northern Uganda, you may qualify for some big discounts!

Questions? Call 0783 115 811

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Acacia Room


Acacia Room

mango room


Mango Room

pearl theater