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Courage Doesn't Always Roar

A poem by Mary Anne Radmacher

Courage doesn’t always roar

sometimes courage is the quiet voice

at the end of the day saying,

“I will try again tomorrow.”

It takes courage

to change your style,

your opinion,

the path you walk…

your hat!

It takes courage to let go

of the weighty parts of your past.

It takes courage

to find your own voice.

It takes courage

to reinvent joys,

to reinvent opportunities,

to reinvent dreams,

to reinvent connections…

to reinvent hopes

that you have set aside.

It takes courage to accept

that the way you “have always been”

does not determine the way you are.

It takes courage

to stand in a place

you didn’t know existed…

and learn from a view

you previously couldn’t imagine.

It takes courage to let go

of your assumptions

and fly your dreams as a

soaring invitation to become

the best version of yourself.

It takes courage to stand for your convictions.

It takes courage to give up control.

And it takes courage to recognize you are perfect

just the way you are.

Change of any sort, requires courage…

Courage to write a new story of your life

with the pen of each day

…of every moment.

Tell yourself this little story when you need it –

“I have the courage to stand

in whatever the weather brings…

and understand that everything is washable.

Everything is fixable,

and everything is replaceable

but my time and breath.”

The opportunity for greater courage

comes in the most ordinary moments.

Courage sings the praises

of the sturdy souls and says to them,

“Today I will borrow a little of your courage

and see what garden I can water

with the healing of my tears;

and what growing things I can nurture

with the strength of my laughter.”

Courage is defined more by its contrasts

than it sameness,

more by its risks

than its security.

Courage is content to make no excuses.

Courage, dressed in intentional change,

is the most ferocious response to fear.

Courage acts without regret.

Courage laughs right out loud.

Have the courage

to walk out the door

and let possibilities discover you.

Have the courage

to wander and parades will find you.


As you weigh the many possibilities of your day

measure your action with this question,

“How would I most like to remember this?”

Your chosen answer becomes

your natural action and

your unique opportunity

for courage.

Perspective in the large.

Grace in the small.

An open hand.

A practiced pause.


Courage doesn’t always roar.


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