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Behind the Scenes of a Successful Pitch

In the world of business in Gulu, there's a common saying that often holds true: nobody really informs you about the intricacies of running your enterprise. You tend to discover these challenges in the midst of everything. This holds just as true for the days when we were filming business pitches for our valued partners.

Our journey to create the perfect pitch for everyone was filled with so many firsts. Yet, it was truly humbling to witness our partners’ ability to cultivate the right mindset and approach each task with humility and enthusiasm. After the tenth unsuccessful attempt, one might contemplate throwing in the towel, but we're immensely grateful they persevered. The effort poured into these past few weeks fills us with immense pride.

Kudos to all who persisted through their pitches without giving up!

Sometimes it takes a village.

Now, you might be wondering what extraordinary measures were taken to film pitches for ten partners while maintaining the team's morale and keeping motivation alive after each failed attempt. Well, we're fortunate to have a dedicated community that cares not only for individual success but for one another's as well.

We felt honored to have one of our partners, Kijani Forestry, who possesses significant experience in delivering successful pitches, guide this new cohort of partners in preparing and delivering compelling pitches for potential investors, customers, and advocates. Quinn was gracious enough to mentor this team, helping them refine their pitch and identify their key selling points.

Now, onto the exciting part! Each founder was tasked with presenting their pitches to the other founders who were also pitching. While this might sound intimidating, the beauty lay in how they actively listened, contributed, and collectively improved each pitch, one enterprise at a time. I assure you, that every mistake was rectified, and every deficiency was addressed.

What an incredible feeling it is to have a community that looks out for one another!

Why Pitching?

We understand that every startup has unique needs, and what better way to address them than through a well-crafted pitch? Often, the startups we engage with are eager to gain exposure and attract investors. While there are various avenues to achieve these goals, one method that's often underestimated is pitching.

Our dream is to see our partners flourish and expand their innovative businesses far beyond the Elephante Community, making a lasting impact in the communities they serve and reaching a broader audience. We've witnessed pitches accomplish just that, reaching up to five times more people than paid advertising.

So, in the near future, expect to witness some remarkable pitches, and we anticipate more of our seasoned partners making a significant impact in the Gulu community, following in the footsteps of trailblazers like Takataka Plastics and Mtindo.

How we are getting our partners ready for outside capital

Our partners' journey towards becoming investment-ready is a multifaceted endeavor. While preparing them to pitch their businesses is a crucial step in securing the capital they need for growth, it's not where our support ends. We're acutely aware that a great business pitch is only the beginning. Therefore, we're committed to a larger vision for when investors express interest.

That's precisely why our upcoming major initiative revolves around continuous capacity-building and executive training for leaders. Our goal is to empower these business leaders in their journey to prepare their businesses for robust growth and to meet the expectations of potential investors and financiers. 

As they continually enhance their operations, build precise financial models, craft clear growth strategies, and formalize and maintain meticulous financial records, they are not only increasing their opportunities for expanding and securing investments but also demonstrating the commitment and readiness that investors look for in a business leader.

Furthermore, as we continue building a strong network of investors and financiers aligned with our mission, we are also working on the establishment of a fund specifically available for our partners. This fund would serve as a valuable resource that our partners could leverage in the future to fuel their growth and expansion.

In essence, our work is a continuous journey, driven by our unwavering commitment to provide comprehensive support to the leaders in our network, enabling them to focus on their important and impactful missions.


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